Champagne A Tasting Journey

Karen Palmer

Découvrez la bible du Champagne par Karen Palmer.

Un travail brillant et de grande profondeur avec un angle unique.

Convient à ceux qui veulent juste boire du champagne ainsi qu'à ceux qui veulent apprendre avec plaisir.

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  • A unique approach to the appreciation and tasting of champagne - the wine, the history, the people and the terroir. Learning with pleasure! Suitable for beginners and the more experienced, Forty-four practical masterclasses in Champagne comprehensively encompass history, geography, the grapes, the regions, production, politics, the people, the flavours and aromas - each chapter accompanied by tasting guides which illuminate the topic discussed in the chapter. All champagnes suggested for tasting are available in the principal English speaking markets for champagne, namely the UK, the US and Australia. The book is not tied to specific vintages, therefore promises a long shelf life in your library. With original maps, illustrations, photos and diagrams, an extensive bibliography and endnotes; 167,000 words • Guided tastings with each chapter build knowledge with enjoyment • Ideal for the individual or a group. 'A masterpiece'... Michel Drappier; 'fabulous' ... Laurent Champs; '...brilliant ...' Philippe Wibrotte. 'a tour de force,....' James Smith

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